Tuesday, December 22, 2009

back on the grid, nationally and personally

Nepal (and we) have been in the grip of a three day national strike --- no businesses open, no vehicles allowed on the road, and so, sob, no internet cafes until an hour ago when the strike was officially lifted and the question was posed to the Schoenthalers:  do you want to go to a restaurant?  do you want to go sailing?  do you want to go shopping?  and we all answered in unison, no no we want to go to a CYBER CAFE   So here we all are.

We have been having a wonderful quiet time waiting out the strike in Pokhara.  (Pokhara for the Nepal-Novice is Nepal's second or third largest city; it lies at the base of the annapurnas, is a jumping--off place for trekkers and climbers, and is the hoe of Jeny's parents.  So we have been enjoying their wonderful hospitality and food and venturing out into the streets where the whole city has poured out, kids playing soccer and hackie-sack and badmitton and acting for all the world as though they are on a snow day, which I guess they are. 

We also went for a gorgeous sunrise walk to see dawn rise over the Himalayas; it was too stunning to describe.  We have a ton of pictures of this and other adventures (including visiting Ranjan's village) which we will post as soon as we find a cybercafe that can handle our software. 

We heard about the snow on the east coast on CNN and can't begin to imagine it.  Here it is quite temperate during the day (50s/60s) although it does cool down at night (40s).  In a day or so we plan to fly to Jomson where we will perhaps see some snow and may perhaps have a White Christmas ourselves. 

Hope all are well and looking forward to posting more very soon. 


  1. Lovely descriptions. Am imagining and enjoying through your words. Love, Sue

  2. You missed our caroling party!

    Why can't WE have a strike here in Arlington?!? I would kill for a few days with no school!