Friday, December 18, 2009


We're in Kathmandu right now, and there is SO much polution. Mom coughed up black stuff because of the dirt and smoke\smog. We wear masks, whick makes me feel like we are a bunch of surgeons, which then makes me want to say STAT! We just traded in some USD for rupees, but the excange rate is 75 rupees to the dollar, so i got the MASSIVE stack of bills. Plus, we ordered a pot of tea for breakfast, and it was only 150 rupees, or 2 dollars. In the US, it would be something like 5 dollars. And that was a very expensive resturant!
PS: I got 2 hours of sleep in 3 days. Darn airplanes.
PSS: Virgin Atlantic FTW! its better that Gulf air!
PSSS: I ate CHAPATIS, like in 6th grade during our Shabanu unit. Super good.
PSSSS: By now, my blood is "90% caffiene, 10% kenzie"-william. Mmmm, masala tea...
PSSSSS:Ice age, dawn of the dinosaurs is the third worst movie I've ever seen, after Dances with Wolves and City of Joy. the fourth is Mama Mia. The best ever is either Mirrormask or 2001.


  1. Hi kenzie! Hope ur havin fun. Dont raise ur caffine-normal blood ratio higher than 101%-(-1%) We'll all miss u @ the larp event -Jonah

  2. Hi Kenzie!
    Hope you all are having fun.Take lots of pictures.Cant wait to see :) and do keep updating.

  3. Indeed, Mirrormask is fantastic. Gotta love Mr. Gaiman.