Saturday, January 2, 2010

And more pix

Taking advantage of the first broadband we've found in Nepal to post a few more pix.

  Riding a gondola to big temple

Buddhist trident and satillite on top of Buddhist monastery. 

Jeny's Mom, Basanti Lalchan

Boys at breakfast at Jeny's Pokhara house

Boys playing cards after breakfast

Pokhara's street scenes, where even Avatar has arrived.

Maoist Demonstration at end of three-day strike

Lakeside washday

Saris drying

Mom's favorite signs:

Having a wonderful time and wish you were here! 


  1. Great photos! Love the variety and the mix of modern and not.

  2. and my posture is GREAT! heheh

  3. Greeeaaat photos...can't stop laughing! I miss home already!