Monday, January 11, 2010

Picture MishMosh

Here's a few more pictures while I ready myself to compose the entries about visiting and working at the Cancer Center in Nepal.

Here's an exceptionally large prayer wheel outside the Buddhist Monastery in Pokhara.

Here's an exceptionally fine-looking family inside the Buddhist Monastery in Pokhara.

The more I think about the fact that we watched ELEPHANTS play SOCCER, the more amazing it is to me.
Can you see the ball in the top picture?

If you want to see more of this amazing day, check out the videos here.

The infrastructure in Nepal is practically non-existent.  There's few paved roads, intermittent electricity, no guarantee of clean water, no trash pick-up, no traffic regulation.
If you want something done (a road to be paved, a tree to be cut down) sometimes you have to get your buddies together and just do it yourselves.
So this group of neighbors decided this enormous tree was a house-and-wire hazard so they brought out their tiny little hatchets and they chopped the dang thing down.  It was unbelievable to see, and screwed up traffic no end, too.

Traffic was ALWAYS screwed-up no end, every day all day.  There is no way to convey the insanity of the traffic except with a video, which I'll try to post one of these days.

We ate lots and lots and LOTS of momo (Nepalese potstickers/dumplings/ravioli/piroshki):

   Made from incredible fresh spices (note bowls are made of leaves):

And shopping for fabric was a colorful distraction at sari stores.

This is a typical shot of the boys at their leisure in an airport.
They LOOOVE to fly.

They like being up in the air anyplace.
This is while riding the second highest gondola ("cable car") in Asia.
The boys are ecstatic, jumping up and down with glee.
Mom is staring straight ahead Trying. Not. To. Look. At.The.Bolts.

This is the gorgeous Manakamana Hindu Temple at the top of the gondola

Where they have three full-time employees just to scrape off all the incense left behind by pilgrims.

And where they have Cooper to keep it financially afloat at the souvenir stands.

And here's one more heart-stopping shot of sunrise in Nepal
("it's as though the world is being born" a friend of Herb's wrote)
from the Schoenthalers with love.


  1. So enjoying this blog! Particularly like the picture of the fine looking family.

  2. Robin, I had one of the best times of my life showing you and your boys Pokhara and the hike up that hill with you where we saw the sunrise and the changing colors of the mountains will always be cherished:)