Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sunrise Shots

Here are a series of shots of walking to "Lovely Hill" and watching sunrise over Fishtail (Machapuchhre) last week.  Believe it or not it was even MORE beautiful this morning but alas no camera.  

And here's a couple of local shots, the first being the boys eating jelabi (local version of Dunking Donuts) at the neighborhood Indian cafe

And here is where we post from, our local cyber cafe:


  1. How could "Lovely Hill" get any more lovelier? Great shots!

  2. Robin, that hike the two of us did to Lovely hill the last day you were in Pokhara will stay with me forever. Those few moments when we both stood quietly, staring at the Annapurna Range of mountains and waiting for the sun to rise made me realize how lucky I am to be from such a beautiful place like Pokhara and how equally lucky to be here in Pokhara with you and Cooper and Kenzie who has been like my family away from home. Thanks for making this trip sooo much more meaningful.